Tennis Racquet Restring

Get an Expert Tennis Racquet Restring

At Infinity Tennis, we pride ourselves on providing everything you need to enjoy learning and playing tennis. That’s why we offer expert and cost-effective tennis racquet restringing services onsite. 

Our experienced staff perform high-quality racquet restringing on our two Head Electronic Stringing Machines. We have a wide range of strings to suit any racquet, great prices, and fast turn-around times. You can just drop off your racquet any time that it needs work done and we’ll get it back to you before your next game!

tennis racquet restring

What is a Tennis Racquet Restring?

Over time, the tennis strings on your racquet will naturally lose their tension as you play. This will severely impact your tennis game. It will decrease your control and increase the chances of making costly errors when you play. 

If you find that you’re losing accuracy in your tennis game or just don’t have as much control over the ball, then talk to our knowledgeable staff about getting a tennis racquet restring.

Book a Tennis Racquet Restring

If you need to restring a tennis racquet, then leave it to the experts at Infinity Tennis Centre and get your racquet back good as new before your next game!

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